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I can remember coming out of high school and wondering what I wanted to do with my life. Being someone who never thought about the future or had their life planned out at all, I was unsure of what I wanted to do at university. I wasn’t too eager to start a course that I had no interest in doing a few months later, although to be perfectly honest, I wasn’t too eager to go to university at all. I didn’t want to return to studying after a year of intense work and pressure. I wanted a break. A change in environment, people and culture.

Having done French as a subject at school, I was always interested in going on exchange and practicing the language. Unfortunately, the school cancelled all planned overseas trips and I never bothered with looking at independent programs, so I didn’t get the chance to go during high school. I knew that travelling I wanted to do, so I thought, why not go on a break year? Taking a year off from studies meant I would have a chance to think about wanted I wanted to do later and I could do something I actually wanted to do.

I needed to earn enough money to do so though. I had to find a job. I knew it would be difficult. I had heard a lot from my friends about applying at the local businesses and I knew that they would barely get a response back. It was the period of time as well, where stores had already hired Christmas time casuals so there was a very small possibility I would get hired. I wrote up my resume and sent it into job search and company websites.

Sending my application to the job search websites probably wasn’t the best idea. I received a lot of spam as a result and job options to businesses which I had no desire nor the requirements to work in. I got a job offer from chemists, engineering companies, even funeral directors! To say it was a bit bizarre is an understatement. But the funeral director job was near my house in Melbourne and it was a reputable company, too. I did try out the funeral director post– and it was a strangely enjoyable experience. It helped me save up, but it was still not enough for a month in Paris. It’s a very expensive place to live!

I felt a bit defeated. I didn’t know what to do. But when my results from exams came out, I finally got my big break. I was approached by a few students in younger year levels about tutoring them in the same subjects I had previously done. It was the perfect fit. Tutoring meant that I was able to work part time and that I was able to have a reasonably flexible schedule. The job I took as a funeral director had flexible hours, was well-located in my Melbourne area and combined with tutoring, I was earning enough that I would earn enough to go travelling by the middle of the year.

At the moment I’m working, saving up every cent for travel. I can’t wait to go to France though. Who knows? Maybe I’ll end up staying longer than anticipated.

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