The 3 Best Ways To Have A Vineyard Wedding In Victoria

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Regardless of your preferred style – country right through to contemporary – you can have a breathtaking vineyard wedding in Victoria. There is just something timeless about the beauty of perfectly tamed vineyards, so you don’t have to do too much you have chosen a vineyard for your wedding venue. But you may want to consider how to best utilise the amazing spaces they have at the vineyard. Here are 3 ideas to get that picture-perfect look and feel throughout your marriage celebrations and make the most of what vineyards in Victoria have to offer.

  1. Go out to the vineyard

When it comes to vineyard weddings in Victoria, this is the most common way to enjoy the venue. Typically, the wedding ceremony would be held outdoors at a lawn or garden just outside of the actual vineyards. That way the cascading vineyards become a stunning backdrop for the bridal party and groomsmen. Vineyard weddings may also include an outdoor reception in the style of an evening garden party, which is also a stunning sight over sunset. Some couples may just elect to have their wedding photo shoot right amongst the vines as a symbol for a new start and a chance to grow together after being married. So if the season and weather permits, a vineyard wedding outdoors would be a great choice!

  1. Be amongst the barrels

Not all vineyards in Victoria will have this option. But if your vineyard also has a winery on the site, you can consider this option. Especially if the season or weather is not great for the outdoors, you can choose to be married amongst beautifully aged port barrels. It is a particularly lovely look for a country-style feel, and being undercover means you’re kept away from rain and gusts of wind. Wedding couples choose this backdrop of towering barrels to symbolise that like wine, they will grow better with age.

  1. Just get a view

Some vineyards in Victoria can offer you a beautiful vineyard backdrop and an indoor area for the ceremony and reception. If you are lucky, they will offer a function room with big wide windows that reveal the show-stopping view of the vineyards. But these spaces are better optimised for the reception after the ceremony. So what typically occurs is that the marriage ceremony is held at one of their chapels where possible, and the function room is offered for the reception only. As long as there is still some daylight when you start the reception, you and your guests can still enjoy the view.

Having a vineyard wedding in Victoria is a foolproof choice of venue for any couple to create wonderful memories. If in doubt of how your wedding would look at a vineyard, you can ask a staff member at the vineyard – they will know the site better than anyone and can recommend the best areas for your wedding day. But do not delay! Vineyards in Victoria are also in high demand for wedding and function bookings. So make your reservation today.

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